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Yes, we are talking about Content Marketing, the buzz of the industry that has changed the dimensions of digital marketing. The phrase “Content is King” as much as cheesy it sounds, does give “Content” an absolute and prominent position, justified too! If we look around, we’ll realise that we’re bombarded with content in different forms like podcasts, videos, blogs, advertisements and so on. Many advocate that why use words when our quality speaks. Well, simply because without a means of transportation, your quality product could never reach your target audience. Content works likewise but delivers contrary results by attracting the audience to the product.

As per research by the Content Marketing Institute, 58% of global marketers spent more money on content marketing in the year 2018. The two key reasons are of course increasing revenue and audience but Content Marketing has much more to it. Its benefits cannot be assigned with a monetary value always but are highly promising and show no signs of stopping. In this blog post, we’re going to explore how it’s changing the world of marketing.

Brand Awareness

Investing heavily in PR and advertising might not fit the budget of every organization, neither does it bring long-lasting results. As opposed to this, content marketing is a cost-efficient and effective way to increase brand awareness amongst the audience. Statistics read that 78% of consumers find articles to be a reliable source to know the brand. If done the right way, it can dramatically increase website traffic by increasing the awareness about your brand amongst the audience.

Brands these days are shifting to new means of content marketing such as product videos with engaging and crisp content to communicate their unique brand & product features. For the love of visual representation, such videos are prefered by the audience to gain knowledge.

Digital Marketing

Content is the most important pillar of Digital Marketing. The first word that comes to our minds when we talk about SEO is keywords that are wisely inserted into your website content to increase visibility.

Social Marketing channels are another form of digital marketing that has become essential for brands these days. It helps them effectively engage the audience and gain their trust. Almost 70% of consumers believe that brands with custom content are more reliable as it reflects upon their interest in building healthy customer relationships. Providing consistent and quality content through websites and social channels is the key to winning a reliable audience base so that they have all the reasons to stick around.

Evergreen Investment

Apart from event-specific content, the website is usually filled with evergreen content that is relevant and informative to the audience. For instance, an informative blog that is catering to a specific event can be read and appreciated by visitors throughout the year. Such content brings traffic to the website with little or no efforts in future. Quality content-marketing also influences conversions. ABG Essentials reported that content marketing results in 6 times higher conversion than other methods of digital marketing.

Subject Matter Expertise

The most important factor behind content should be to educate your audience. When visitors are curious about a product/service, they prefer to visit the website for more information. You should make sure that your content is designed to answer all their questions. It should also reflect your expertise in the subject matter so that customers can rest their confidence upon you. Every time you publish a white paper, blog or any form of content, you’re showing your audience your subject knowledge. If your content is attractive yet shallow, it might bring the audience to the page but would not help with the final aim of conversion.

New Business Leads

For both small and large businesses, lead generation is a very crucial aspect of the business. In the case of small businesses, the focus is on consistent traffic growth and sales for lead generation and content plays an important role for such organizations. This is because the cost of content marketing is estimated to be 62% lesser than that of traditional marketing tools (Demand Metric). The results might take time but are sustainable with a little investment. Many small businesses have witnessed substantial improvement in ROI with this powerful and affordable tool.

Customer Relationship

Your work doesn’t stop at creating new leads. Embracing existing customers is even more important. In fact, research by BIA Kelsey shows that 61% of business in small businesses come from repeated sales. Building a loyal customer base is the key to success as it has been proven that loyal customers are worth 10 times more than new leads. It is because eventually, these customers not only help the business with repeated sales but also as brand advocates spreading brand awareness through the most-reliable word of mouth.

Content helps you strengthen your bond with existing clients by providing them value. With custom content, clients feel closer to the company and find it reliable. Content also helps them keep engaged and is a vehicle for introducing new products/services.

Edge Over Competitors

Competition is integral to every business. Even if you’re a small organization, effective content marketing helps you establish your unique identity giving you an edge over competitors. It helps the audience make the final buying decision where, if you played it right, the results will definitely be in your favour.

Another thing that content does in setting your unique brand identity is establishing a personality. Do you see your brand as quirky and educational or professional and serious or maybe both? Your content language and personality helps you connect well with the audience and conveys a lot about your services and products.

Hire Professional Content Experts

One of the biggest mistakes that a brand commits is creating content for the sake of it. Well, one should do what they are expert at and especially with a critical task that decides the future of your organisation. At Tech9logy Creators, we are a leading digital marketing company that plunges into the online world with a bagful of effective tricks that are guaranteed to fetch unprecedented results. Rely on our team of experts, while you can simply attend your next meeting and crack the deal you are expert at.

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