Salesforce Bulk Object Field Creator App

Salesforce Bulk Object Field Creator app

During an application development in Salesforce, many times there is a need of creating multiple new fields of various data types. For developers, it’s always a tedious job creating new fields again and again. In general such requests take couple of days of effort. To overcome this situation you can use a most influencing salesforce application known as “Salesforce bulk object field creator“.

Why salesforce bulk object field creator app ?

The salesforce bulk object field creator app is implemented to make the creation of ‘bulk object field’ Quiet Easily Done(Q.E.D). It has simple UI and helps the user to create up to 500 fields of 16 different field types, in duration of just 10-15 min. Yes, within 5 minutes of configuration setup, you can simply add extensive number of various fields in standard or custom object in your salesforce instance. The number may go up to 500 fields in just one go in individual object. By default, the app bolsters both standard objects and custom objects. Thus, reducing manual efforts of users by decreasing extra time and increasing productivity.

With the help of Salesforce Bulk Object Field Creator app, it is easy to import different object fields from XLS or XLSX or CSV file to Salesforce. It makes it easy for salesforce administrators and developers to create up to 500 fields of 16 different field types in one go.

Further, the application restricts the user to create an already exsisting field in the system. This protects the user from any future confusion or misplace of any important data by creating similar fields .

This application is already a success among its users with more than 100+ installations in less than 10 days . Generous reviews such as “Game changer, Time saver and so on” adds priceless value to its success. So, what else do you think? Isn’t it really playing well? Clearly, Yes! It has become a boon for the users who used to spend plenty of their precious time in creating so many fields for hours. Let us explore more of it.

Here are some compelling Features of the app you will love to hear :

  1. Drag & Drop : The user can create list of new fields by simply drag and drop a csv or xls or xlsx files.Thus making comfortable for users to create new lists easily.
  2. Add a Field : Add a field feature allows you to manually add a single field or 16 types of fields simultaneously. It saves your time and makes the process very fast.
  3. Restricts Field Redundancy : The Bulk Object Field Creator app restricts the user from creating already existing fields in the system.
  4. Multiple Option : The multiple option from Bulk Object Field Creator app allows user to choose many number of fields to be created from the lists of fields.
  5. The Ultimate User Guide : The Salesforce Bulk Object Field Creator app effectively guides the user while creating a field. It guides users and provides error description if the user does any mistake while creating any type of field.
  6. Enabled or Disabled Columns : Columns are enabled or disabled depending upon the field type selected.


While occasionally conducts security audits of openly listed AppExchange applications, it is very important that clients comprehend the security and architectural consequences of integrating third-party applications with access to information.

Link to Application URL: This app can be used by anyone and is available on as Bulk Object Field Creator

We hope that you find this salesforce app Bulk Object Field Creator helpful. Creating different bulk object fields in few minutes is not an easy task, but with the help of the above app, it becomes very easy and quick. Thus, helping its user to love it more and more. We hope that you like and would try it once. For any queries or suggestions, you can write your comment in the comment box or for any assistance you can also contact us at or mail us :
We will appreciate your input.

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