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Customized Brand

Enable fast 1-step checkout for customers to reduce the chances of cart abandonment & boost conversions.


Interact directly with your business on WhatsApp and place their order


Say bye-bye to downtime with StoreHey’s unlimited bandwidth that allows you to add media of any size & volume to your storefront.

Mobile App

Get a dedicated mobile app that customers can download on their iOS & Android devices from the AppStore to provide them with one-touch store access.

Staff Member
Accounts & Permissions

Create unlimited staff member accounts with customized accessibility permissions to your online store.

Customer Data

Create customer-centric marketing campaigns based on customer data containing their details, last purchase, action & more.

Order Processing

From accepting orders to processing & shipping, manage every stage of your order in one place.


Empower your inventory & sales team with StoreHey’s centralized inventory management that keeps stock-count tracks & auto-disables product sales when it goes out of stock.\

Social Media

Integrate your store with social media platforms for quick redirection from your website/app to your social media accounts and increase engagement

Your Own
Domain Name

Run your online store using your existing or new domain name.

Create Unlimited

Create multiple pages on your website to feature your brand content in an impactful way. Customize them for SEO, page linking, cataloging & more.

Upload Unlimited
Images & Banners

Empower your website with unlimited product images & banners. Upload them with StoreHey’s easy-to-use dashboard.

Map Integration

Integrate your website with Google Maps to provide your customers with real-time directions to your offline store.

Inquiry Form

Add inquiry form to your website to generate more leads & connect with your customers directly.

Powerful Product

Allow customers to easily find what they’re looking for on your website with a powerful product search.


Create unlimited product categories to make browsing easy for customers, allowing them to find products using product categories.


Allow customers to connect with you directly via WhatsApp to place orders or resolve queries.

Ratings & Product

Increase your product reliability by allowing existing customers to add their feedback.

Unlimited products

Add thousands of products to your online store. There’s NO LIMIT to product volume.

Payment Gateway

Integrate your store with multiple global & regional payment gateways, including PayTM, Razorpay, PayPal, UPI & more.

Custom Delivery

Provide customized delivery charges based on PIN code.

Free Delivery

Offer free delivery to your customers based on PIN code and cart order value.

Cart Abandonment

Trigger automated cart abandonment emails to your customers to remind them of their pending orders & increase sales.


Eliminate the hassle of tax calculations on every order with StoreHey’s taxation feature that automatically adds GST to customer invoices.

Delivery Time/Slot

Allow the ease of selecting a convenient delivery slot to customers for product delivery to reduce returns & boost customer satisfaction.

Customer Credit

Introduce a line of credit orders for customers to enable credit purchases and increase your online store sales.

MOV (Minimum Order Value)

Apply minimum value for order placement to make your online sales profitable.

Pick up from Store

Allow store pickup option on the order checkout page for customers.

Custom Name for SMS Marketing

Get a customized business-specific SMS name to reach more customers through SMS marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your store for search engines with page linking and customizable product-specific meta tags, H1 & title tags.

Discounts & Promotions

Run highly targeted discount/promotional campaigns for loyal customers or festive sales with customized discount codes & coupons.

Google Analytics Integration

Leverage the power of Google Analytics to get real-time updates on your audience behavior & create customized sales/marketing campaigns.

Google Webmaster Integration

Index your webpages with Google Search Console integration and reach infinite users online.

Product Variations

Add unlimited products with variations for size, colors & more to provide ease of comparison to your customers.

Multiple Image Listings

Increase customer reliability & trust in your products by adding multiple images so that they can make an informed decision.

Product Videos

Create an unmatched, life-like online shopping experience by adding impactful product videos for your customers.

Product Page SEO

Optimize your product pages to reach more audience with customizable product-page URLs, titles, meta tags & descriptions.

Centralized Product Cataloging

Build a centralized product catalog with real-time inventory updates from all channels to eliminate the chances of double-entry & human errors.

Filter & Manage Orders

Filter orders on the basis of date/time, status (placement, shipping, return, etc.) and delivery date to track & manage order details.

Invoice Branding

Get your invoice design to suit your brand voice by adding the company logo & other details.

Invoice Print & Auto-Email

Auto-send invoice to customers via email and offer a one-click invoice print feature on the customer order page.

Repeat Orders

One-step easy order repetition process to allow quick order placement.

Centralized Customer Information

Centralized repository of all your customer details to provide one-point access to sales, marketing & other teams.

Export Customers

Categorize & export customer information to make insightful decisions for your store.

Inventory Report

Make insightful purchase & sales decisions with detailed inventory reports based on items, quantity & location.

In-house Inventory Report

Keep a track of all in-house inventory consumptions based on products & quantities to easily calculate operational expenses.

Lost Inventory Report

Monitor lost inventory for root-cause analysis and reduce store losses by taking the right decision at the right time.

Return Inventory Report

Analyze customer order return details like products & frequencies to troubleshoot customer or inventory issues & increase order successes.

Item Sales Consolidated Report

Get a consolidated report on details of orders received in a selected time period to facilitate the order fulfillment process.

Lost Business Report

Know about lost business with a comprehensive report on abandoned cart cases in the selected duration.

Sales Report with Taxation

No need to manually maintain taxation documents. Get a consolidated report on sales taxes for the selected duration in one click.

First-Time Customer Report

Reach out to your one-time-purchase customers for feedback, upselling, or cross-selling with a detailed customer data report.

Order-wise Sales Report

Get a comprehensive sales report for all your orders, containing order no., details, order amount & so on.

Order-wise Item Sales Report

Know the items sold in a selected duration sorted order-wise, along with other order details.

Report Supplier

Keep a record of supplier details, invoices, overdue, credit, advanced payments & much more with bill supplier reports.

Wallet Report

Auto-generate a wallet ledger to monitor the transactions made by your customers using the wallet.

Cash Report

Track all your cash transactions with StoreHey’s cash ledger report that records every COD order in one place.

Online Report

Keep your accounts up-to-date with StoreHey’s real-time online payment ledger that maintains online transaction records by customers.

Credit Report

Know the credit status of every customer in one glance with a comprehensive credit ledger to record customer credit orders.

Available Quantity Report

Get a detailed report on inventory purchases, sales, location & returns to know about your stocks & manage inventory in the right way.

Mobile Responsive

Build a powerful UI/UX for mobile users with StoreHey’s UI/UX experts who are here to back you up in all decisions.

Instant Upgrades

No need to download store updates from time to time. Leverage the latest StoreHey features with its hassle-free auto-updates.

Dedicated Support Team

Troubleshoot all your issues with a dedicated & friendly support team that is just a call away.


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