8 Years of Tech9logy Creators!


Isn’t it Great, that we reached Eight?

2022 marks the year when Tech9logy Creators completed eight years! It was a journey filled with many ups & downs, and while this year threw its fair share of mishaps, we rose together as an ‘unsinkable ship’ as our leader, Ankit Bansal, promised.

Satisfied customers prove the success of any organization. We have tonnes of them but this day was to celebrate something deeper. This day was to celebrate every hardworking soul of Tech9logy Creators. The people who stayed & the ones who came, all together put in their everything, day in and day out to ensure this organization operated at the highest quality as expected.

The Unexpected Email

Remember the mishaps we mentioned? Credit to those, our employees thought there will be no celebrations this year. They had accepted their fate but lo-and-behold, a mail announcing a Red Carpet Event!

What?! Red carpet? That too in the office?

Questions loomed for a while but when the doubts settled, you could see each of them planning their outfits in their mind. Let’s see how the day unfolded, shall we?

The Red Carpet Event

It was a scene straight out of Hollywood. A beautiful backdrop as you entered the office, with the entire office decorated in the theme of black and blue. Balloons on the ceiling formed a beautiful constellation and as the eyes met the floor, there it was a gorgeous red carpet.

In Came Our Celebrities

A red carpet is just a carpet till the celebrities grace it with their presence. As the clock struck 9, one by one our in-house celebrities entered. Tech9 asked for formals & Tech9ites delivered!
The guys were dressed in sharp formals & our ladies looked ravishing with outfits ranging from breathtaking sarees to smart formals.

Let’s Start the Celebrations!

Tech9ites don’t wait much to get the party started! A few minutes in & the party music played. Then came the jokes, praises & photo clicking session. Colleagues were re-united as even the people who were working remotely came in for the celebrations.


After our founder walked in, it was time for the awaited celebration of employees, the Tech9logy Annual Awards. Below are the categories & winners.

Rockstar Rookie
Some people don’t take much time to get acclimatised, do they? We give rockstar rookie awards to these individuals who made a sizeable impact in a brief span of under a year of working with Tech9logy Creators.

Winners: Mr Akash Daniel; Mr Suraj Kumar; Mr Rahul Kumar; Mr Raghvendra Prajapati & Mr Bhagwat Jha

Customer Kudos
Our customers mean a lot to us. While all Tech9ites ensure no customer goes unsatisfied, we reserve this award for those who went above their call to put a smile on our customer’s faces.

Winners: Ms Shalini Shukla; Mr Rishabh Dubey & Mr Bhupendra Singh

Ace of Innovation
Problems are a part of life but how we resolve them says a lot about us. We give the Ace of Innovation out to the individual who faced many adversities but came up with innovative ways to get the most out of the situation every time.

Winners: Mr Prateek Kumar Singh; Mr Mohit Chauhan & Mr Rehan Akhtar

5 Years of Service
Loyalty is a two-way street. We give this award to Tech9ites who dedicated 5 years to Tech9logy Creators & in doing so carved their names on our hearts and our history.

Winners: Mrs Prerna Tyagi; Mr Mahender Kumar & Mr Mohan Dutt Sharma

The Employee of the Year
The award that everyone was waiting for—Employee of the Year. Given to the one who overcame countless obstacles throughout the year but rose above them while churning out outstanding results. She had her eyes set on this for a long time, and finally got what she deserved. One of our oldest gems.

Winner: Ms Sonia Gera

The Ramp Walk
Post the awards and pictures, it was time to put those marvellous outfits to use in a grand ramp walk on the red carpet. Tech9ites were assembled based on their birthdates. The music started & off they went!
The ones born in January led the line for the ramp walk as each of our mini celebs tried their best to impress the judges—Mr Ankit Bansal & Mrs Pragya Bansal. One round wasn’t enough! The sheer talent of Tech9ites forced the judges to conduct the 2nd round of 12 shortlisted Tech9ites. 6 couples walked the red carpet again with music & cheers to support their walk.

Winners: Mr Akash Daniel & Ms Chhavi Narang

The celebrations concluded with multiple group pictures & a tasty lunch. Massive thanks & congratulations to our untiring jewels—Tulika Bhatia & Chhavi Narang who worked for days to ensure this event was as successful as it turned out to be!

Happy 8th Anniversary Everyone!

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