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Hire Certified Magento Developers In India to Create a
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Want to make the most out of your Magento store? 

Hire Magento developers from Tech9logy Creators to ensure that all your personalized needs are met on time. Whether you want to build a new Magento store or need to migrate an existing one to Magento, our team can help you with everything. Our dedicated team has extensive experience working with Magento and uses the latest set of technologies to deliver optimum Magento solutions

Shake hands with an industry expert team holding a proven track record of high-quality Magento projects and having worked with top companies globally including in India, the UK, the USA, and the Middle East. We understand that every business is unique and so are its needs, therefore we tailor our solutions to meet these specific requirements. Hire Magento developers from us to achieve an exceptional user experience on your Magento store.

Vetted & certified, our experts are known in the industry to work with out-of-the-box ideas & offer solution-centric advice. Here’s a glimpse of the amazing benefits you get with our team

  • Certified, experienced & innovative developers
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of Magento
  • NDA & code security
  • Scalability with multiple engagement models


Hire Magento Developers

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Our Certified Magento Professionals Share Great Expertise In

Hire Magento developers from us who are well-versed with a wide range of Magento services from migration to extension development. Here are the Magento 2 services we offer:

Custom Magento Development

Add a personal touch to your online store by personalizing Magento as per your unique requirements. We help capture the essence of your business & bring it to your Magento store.

Magento Theme Development

Develop a unique theme and website layout that helps your store stand out among the millions of eCommerce stores on the web. We use brand colours and elements in a way that makes your store a visual treat.

Magento Extension Development

Add the features your Magento store lacks with a custom Magento 2 extension. We help you identify the best features that will boost your store’s functionality & develop an extension that checks all the boxes.

Magento Migration & Integration

Move your store from your existing CMS to Magento and get unprecedented performance, top-notch security & other best-in-class features. We also help tie software of your industry with Magento API for maximum efficiency.

Magento Store Optimization

Upgrade your Magento store to its latest version to keep it at optimum performance. We also help audit your existing store to identify what it lacks to optimize it and improve performance, subsequently increasing traffic & sales.

Magento Support & Maintenance

Ensure that your Magento store keeps performing to the best of its abilities with our Magento support & maintenance services. We resolve all your Magento-related issues, both theoretically and practically.

Magento Payment Gateway Integration

Providing your customers with all the latest payment options is critical for an eCommerce store. However, there are a lot of technicalities concerned with this process. Our dedicated team facilitates the seamless integration of different payment gateways into your Magento store.

Magento B2B Development

B2B operations are much more complex than the B2C business model. Our world-class developers help you create an immense B2B eCommerce store that best reflects your business goals. Get a powerful, SEO-friendly & customized B2B store by hiring our dedicated Magento team.

Benefits of Hiring Magento Developers for your eCommerce Store

Magento is a top-performing eCommerce platform that lets you build scalable and responsive web stores. Here’s how hiring Magento developers can give a magical touch to your ideas-

Next-level Customization

Next-level Customization

Making a unique impression among customers is critical for any eCommerce store. Hiring apt Magento developers can help you make your store stand out from the competitors by offering next-level customization options. Our Magento developers assist in developing a personalized store that corresponds to your brand image.

Improved Performance

Improved Performance

One of the major reasons for cart abandonment in your Magento store is its loading speed. A slow-loading website frustrates your customers and they end up leaving it. Our Magento developers can help you optimize your eCommerce store’s performance while ensuring that it loads quickly and offers a smoother shopping experience.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Integrating your Magento store with different business systems like inventory management, payment gateways, and shipping is a complex process. Our dedicated team has relevant knowledge and experience in this field and can help you smartly integrate various systems thereby furnishing seamless business operations.

Proper Support & Maintenance

Proper Support & Maintenance

eCommerce stores demand regular support & maintenance to make sure everything is on track. Compromised security and browser compatibility are some common website issues. Hiring professional Magento developers from us can help you encounter these severe problems and save you from unnecessary downtimes on your Magento store.

Better SEO

Better SEO

Acquiring organic traffic is critical for an eCommerce store. With the help of professional Magento developers, you can expect better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your online store. They ensure that more visitors access your website by improving your store’s speed and performance, some vital metrics for ranking higher.

High-End Security

High-End Security

It's imperative for online store owners to protect the sensitive information of customers and incidents of security breaches can bring down your reputation. Hiring a skilled team of Magento developers endows you with high-end security and does the necessary to prevent future attacks. They perform regular security checks to ensure maximum safety.

We Stay Ahead, So You Do Too

Our name has Technology imbued in it, so naturally, we can’t stay away from it. We use a combination of technologies to ensure that we meet your deadlines, the quality of code & most importantly, your expectations. Here’s a glimpse of what we use to stay ahead of problems so that it never affects your project.

Tool Used

Project Management

Using these tools we facilitate effortless project planning & implementation.

Team Collaboration

We use these to collaborate between our teams & yours, providing a seamless approval & submission process.

Effective Debugging

Using these tools we construct an effective defect management system by scanning the source code for any snags.


We use these tools to help you feel more connected to your project, recent updates, task completion, etc.

Looking to Hire Certified
Magento Developers?

Special Qualities of Our Certified Magento Programmers Loved by Clients

Quality of code
Timely delivery
Quick resolutions
Communication & reporting

Hire Magento 2 Developers in 3 Easy Steps

We at Tech9logy Creators understand how complex hiring the right Magento 2 developer can become, which is why we made the process easy for you. You can hire Magento developers in 3 easy steps.


You will have an in-depth conversation with our experts on your idea to understand and determine the scope of your project. We offer advice on what works based on our vast experience.


You can interview developers from our team and shortlist which ones you wish to work with. Select the ones that you believe are the best fit for your project and choose your engagement model.


The Magento 2 developers you chose will sign an NDA and complete onboarding to begin working on your project as soon as possible.

Engagement Models

Fixed Plan

Hire our professionals at a fixed rate. This model is best when you are clear about the timeline and want your project to be completed in the stipulated time.

Monthly Plan

Have a large project demanding consistency? Choose our monthly model to achieve the long-term goals of your business.

Hourly Plan

You can hire our experts on an hourly basis. This model is suitable when you have doubts regarding the timeline for your project.

Why Hire Professional Magento Programmers from Tech9logy Creators?

Tech9logy Creators is a renowned name in the Magento industry with over 10 years of experience. We have a professional team of 40+ certified Magento programmer with in-depth knowledge of the platform. Maximizing client satisfaction is our motto and we maintain utmost transparency to achieve this goal. Our team understands your requirements and works strictly adhering to the proposed deadlines. We perform quality analysis to ensure that the final project meets your expectations and remains error-free.Hire Magento developers from us and witness your ideas turning into reality.

Certified & Diverse

We are Adobe Commerce Partner & Magento Bronze Solution Partner, which enables us to provide premier solutions for all your eCommerce problems. Our team is diverse and excels in everything related to Magento, with over 9 years of experience & 500 completed projects under their belt.

Open Communication

We make sure that our developers know the value of open communication, which is why they will be at your beck and call 24*7! You can ask anything about your project, get updates & discuss extensions on your preferred channel of communication. Alternatively, you can schedule updates from us via mail, SMS or call.

Global Satisfaction

We have helped customers, both small businesses & fortune 500 companies, deliver Magento solutions that fit their requirements like a glove. We boast 100% customer satisfaction across APAC, Oceania, the Americas, the Middle East, European Union, and Europe regions.

Clean Code

We have assembled a team who upholds the highest standard and quality of code. From development to migration, they ensure clean code so that your project moves on schedule, without any bumps along the road.

Scalable & Flexible

We have a team of 40+ certified Magento experts which means should you decide to upscale your work mid-project, we can handle it with ease. We also offer a flexible hiring model so that you pay what you get, not a dime more.

Industry Experts

We have been working with Magento for nearly a decade now. This has unlocked the industry expertise which comes via rigorous practice & implementation. Our Adobe Commerce Partner & Magento Bronze Solution Partner certifications support this claim.

The Process to Hire Our Magento Developers

Here’s how you can hire our skillful team of Magento developers and get the finest services-

Understanding your Requirements

First, you will be required to understand exactly what you need from the developers i.e. whether you want to build a store from scratch or need additional functionalities.


When you research online, you’ll get a long list of agencies to hire developers from. Here, you’re required to shortlist the top ones as per your specific needs.


After shortlisting the agencies, you need to interview the different agencies. Here, you will need to explain your requirements to the developers and propose your budget and deadlines.

Hiring the Best Ones

Finally, you need to hire specific developers who understand your requirements completely and are within your allocated budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Magento developers can help you make the best out of your eCommerce store. Whether you wish to build a new Magento store or would like to add more features to an existing one, Magento developers can help you achieve your goals. Moreover, they can help you protect your website from unauthorized access and effortlessly migrate your eCommerce store from other platforms to Magento.

Tech9logy Creators is a renowned name in the Magento industry with over 10 years of experience. Our professional team of 40+ certified Magento developers possess in-depth knowledge of the platform and deliver top-notch custom Magento solutions. We have developed an immense global presence by serving different parts of the world.

Migration is a complex process that requires expert assistance. Our dedicated team of professional developers can help you migrate your eCommerce built on other CMS to the Magento platform by keeping the codes intact, that too with the minimum downtime.

Our developers can help you develop custom Magento themes, extensions, and optimization services. Give shape to your ideas and develop an immense online presence by hiring our top-notch developers.

A Magento developer can deliver a variety of solutions including developing, customizing, and maintaining a Magento website. They can also help you make custom extensions to support your Magento store.

Magento demands professional assistance when you wish to upgrade, integrate, or customize your existing store. Magento developers carry technical expertise & knowledge that can help you ensure such complex tasks and seamlessly deliver a personalized experience for your customers.

To pick apt Magento developers for your organization, you must first analyze your requirements and propose a budget. Consider choosing one who shares a great experience with the Magento platform and has maximum customer satisfaction.

The cost of hiring Magento 2 developers completely depends on your business requirements and the complexities concerned with your project. Opting for a monthly model can help you solve urgent issues enabling you to pay only for the hours spent by the developer on your website.

Tech9logy Creators is a well-established Magento development company with over 9 years of experience. We have a dedicated team of developers known to provide top-notch Magento-related services. Our team ensures clean codes, timely delivery, and optimum transparency.

 Magento requires technical skills like PHP, Oops concept, MVC architecture, and front-end development (HTML, Javascript, CSS). Hence, you must prefer developers who have in-depth knowledge of these languages and are also familiar with jQuery, Hyva theme, and database management (MySQL).

The time & cost varies according to your needs. Simple stores can take approximately six weeks to develop and cost a couple of thousand dollars whereas complex ones take more resources.

Tech9logy Creators has been working with Magento for 9+ years, delivering 500+ projects across major countries like the USA, UK & Australia. We also boast of being a Magento bronze solution partner.

All organizations do not require the same resources which is why we offer a variety of hiring models including hourly & fixed models.

Yes, we offer SEO Services and marketing support to ensure your Magento store ranks high on the SERPs and brings in organic traffic with a high conversion rate.

WordPress appears to have made a great deal of progress as a popular CMS till date, however where eCommerce is concerned Magento grabs the most famous CMS title! Yes, the most well known eCommerce websites and the emerging top brands use Magento to power their eStores. Some of the big brands like Nestle, Nike, Samsung, Fox Connect and Lenovo are powered by Magento. Magento occupies nearly 26% of the eCommerce market which worths the appreciation because of its core & expandable features. Hence, making magento rule the eCommerce space and giving large amount of adaptability to its users that more organizations are turning towards this CMS for their online trade.

So, now when you surf around the internet and trying to find out the best eCommerce platform that would work robustly with your eStore, the answer would be ‘Magento‘. Whether you are creating a new eStore or moving to a new web store service, you would find that Magento framework is the perfect solution that meets your all business requirements.

There’s much to learn about Magento and its capabilities, isn’t ? But the most ideal approach to get the abstract broad view is by exploring its biggest advantages.

Here are 15 reasons why you should be choosing Magento over other eCommerce platforms:

1. Open-Source
Magento appears in two unique editions : The Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. The former edition being completely Free with no license cost at all. There is complete adaptability with the goal that developers can change or extend the code to fulfill business needs and prerequisites.

2. Lots of features
Magento standout amongst the best full featured eCommerce systems accessible in both the restrictive and open source markets. It gives all that you have to deal with an entire eBusiness, including promotions and stock administration.The powerful pre-built Magento features intensify user experience and increase selling potential.

3. Device Friendly
There are simply thousands of professional responsive templates available for Magento. Well, with the new arrivals of Magento CE 1.9 and Magento EE 1.14, Magento responsive design is strengthened by default! And if you are investing out in the eCommerce platform, Magento could be your most solid option! Flawlessly executing on your Desktop and Mobile setup 🙂

4. Security
Magento considers security most important and as a top priority. It has a group of security experts working 24*7 where as Magento Enterprise version has a Secure Payment Bridge which helps you accomplish PCI agree-ability.

5. Performance
If you are searching for top quality performance, magento is the right alternative and considering all functionality together, magento as a whole is simply superior to the rest! Whether you are searching for additional functionality, magento permits you to arrange a couple of parameters to adjust your website’s execution. It contains high end cache systems, for example, Varnish and other Database optimizations that helps in enhancing website performance.

6. Multiple Payment Gateways & Delivery Options
Magento can be incorporated with any payment gateway system. It comes with certain default sets, however it can be effectively extended out to give a custom integration to coordinate any stores requirements.

7. International Support
Magento has built in support for localization, multiple languages, multiple currencies and tax rates, allowing your web store to trade internationally. It also support emphasize characters and RTL (right-to-left)text and accompanies around 60 predefined languages however you can create custom language packs. It has the ability to set diverse tax zones and payment frameworks on a single nation premise.

8. Scalable Solution
Magento is a scalable solution that can be utilized by anyone, regardless of how small or large is your organisation. As your business grows, the scaling feature of magento is able to add new features like unlimited number of products to catalog or processing thousands of orders without hampering your website. In this way, large number of clients and products can be scaled effortlessly. Not only this magento has an advanced storage system that guarantees that your site is responsive without needing costly hosting infrastructure.

9. Advanced SEO Management
Magento SEO friendliness is outstanding! It is designed in such a way that allows you to customize or modify URLs and Meta-information of products, categories, content pages, descriptions, keywords etc. It also provides Google specific sitemaps and html sitemaps for users, giving enough options to Google to find content and products.

10. Third Party Integration
To run an effective eStore, magento allows easy integration with a large number of third-party services.This implies that you can easily integrate third party extensions and solutions such as external payment gateways like Paypal; eBay, databases applications, Google analytics, Google shopping and shipping services like shipping order, tracking & the whole shipping process and much more. It also allows integration with WordPress CMS platforms.

11. One Step Checkout
Magento provides one page checkout process, supported with secured SSL. The merchants can configure the shopping cart by themselves and can also optimize it for expanded conversions.
Clearly, if you switch to one page checkout process you will see less number of visitors leaving their shopping carts. Additionally there are many plugins that can be integrated with Magento for a more quick and consistent checkout procedure to keep your clients happy.

12. Multiple Stores & Language
Magento supports multiple store, multiple setups and multiple languages from the same admin panel, saving a lot of time, cost and effort. Yes, user can setup multi-stores in just one installation. Likewise because of it’s adaptability, you can regulate the entire shop (and every component of it) to any language you require. You can easily utilize various languages in one shop or different shops. As a whole you can easily manage your store’s billing, stock, product updation, client records and so on from a single admin dashboard.

13. Custom Module friendly
Magento offers more than 1,900 eCommerce themes to download in Magento Connect and most of the them have been made by developers. It also allows custom modules that can be added to the system without interrupting with the source code and hence all magento updates runs effortlessly without splitting any update. In case, you have low budget you can select the available magento eCommerce themes.

14. Affordable
The biggest advantage of using Magento is its affordability! Usually, one needs to pay a huge amount for choosing a professional eCommerce platform. However, with magento one can make sure that the platform is free off cost except the installation and customization charges. Don’t worry! It does not hamper your pocket.

15. It is Flexible, Versatile and Customizable
Magento is extremely versatile, you can shape it to suit any sort of industry. Well, if the inherent components of magento do not satisfy you, you have a choice to build extensions and get the elements you require. Yes, it gives you the flexibility to customize your store both from front-end as well as back-end as per your exclusive requirement. While, as an eCommerce merchant whatever your specific need and necessities are, magento will surely run an additional mile to fit them.


Apparently, we have our top 15 reasons to choose magento. While, selecting an eCommerce platform for your eBusiness is not a choice to be compromised. For this, magento platform gives an excellent reason for your website providing you with lots of indepth resources. Today, industries whether big or small are moving towards Magento not only because of its simplicity but also because it is rich with customizable features, making it the best ever eCommerce platform.

If you have any related queries or suggestions, let us know in the comment section below. Further, if you planning to explore more of magento features and you are ready to move to magento eStore, our Expert Magento Developers will help you out to get the best of it. You can contact us at or mail us at hello@tech9logy.com
We will appreciate your inputs.


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