Tech9logy Celebrates its 9th Anniversary: Resonating with Our Brand

Tech9logy Celebrates 9th Anniversary

Started from an idea, Tech9logy Creators has grown by leaps and bounds, smashing doubts and surpassing expectations.

While every anniversary is a special occasion on its own, this one was something different. We completed 9 years, a number that resonates with our brand and reminds us of our continuous efforts of standing tall against all ‘NO’s.

“Check Your Inbox”

It all started with an announcement from HR to check our inboxes—a request that piqued everybody’s interest. Before the mouse cursors could move towards the notification, murmurs filled the office:

“Wait, could it be the Anniversary celebrations?”

BINGO Tech9ites! The email announcing our 9th Anniversary Party was out. Silent cheers of excitement enveloped the office as people marked their calendars.

The Day Arrived

After many internal discussions, hype and “What will you be wearing?” questions, the day of the party finally arrived.

Tech9ites, looking sharp as advised, reached Vyrus Lounge for our anniversary bash.

Upon entry, their courteous staff greeted everyone. As people were getting accustomed to the area and clicking selfies, the music started and so did everyone’s feet.
In came the yummy starters and the cycle of dancing and eating began!

We continued ruling the dance floor till our leaders, Ankit & Pragya Bansal came along. Everyone made way for them and welcomed them to the celebrations.


The Awards

We know our employees work hard, and now was the time to reward them for their efforts during the Tech9logy Annual Awards!
Here are the awards & their deserved winners

Rockstar Rookie –

Given to individuals who have been in the role for at least 6 months or more, demonstrating sizeable impacts and achieving unexpected results.
Winners: Sachindra Awasthi, Vipul Garg & Sandeep Chauhan

Customer Kudos –

Given to individuals who go above & beyond to delight customers in every interaction. Customer Kudos winners are known for setting a high bar of service by delivering more than what has been asked or expected.
Winners: Raghvendra Prajapati & Praveen Patel

Ace of Innovation –

Given to the person who demonstrates creative or out-of-the-box thinking skills to solve a problem or improve a product or process.
Winners: Saif Ali, Saurabh Gupta & Suraj Kumar

Cloud 9 Collaborator –

To excel in work, one needs to be an exceptional team player & collaborator. This award recognizes those who proactively take on more work to help others, work effectively across teams to drive better results, or put in special efforts to ensure a positive & inclusive atmosphere reinforcing collaboration & teamwork.
Winner: Shyam Saini

Spotlight Award –

To stand out in an organisation that is already filled with top performers must be recognized! This award is for the person who shows excellent creativity, overcomes challenges like it is their daily job and deals with whatever is on their plate & more.
Winners: Pawan Sharma, Mohit Chauhan, Sunil Kumar, Akash Daniel & Tulika Bhatia

Avengers of Tech9logy –

The award given to the team who has gone beyond the call of duty in terms of performance, team spirit and customer satisfaction. An all-around award that is given to the perfect team of the year–Our Avengers.
Winner: Salesforce Team

Employee of the Year –

Our most honoured award goes to the individual who shows creativity in overcoming truly major obstacles or challenges and delivering outstanding results for clients or other employees & maintaining velocity throughout the year.
Winner: Mahender Kumar

You thought the awards were over? So did we, but our management had something else in mind. Enter the Nariyals (surprising, right?) for the unexpected Nariyal Awards!
These were unique awards, curated considering the habits and likes of our employees in mind. Here are the winners

Super Snacker Award – Rahul Kumar
The Tech Award – Prateek Kumar Singh
The Chai Lover Award – Saurabh Gupta & Vishwadeepak Sharma
Back From the Gym Award – Suraj Kumar
Early Bird Award – Sunil Kumar
The ‘6 and I am Out’ Award – Anshu Malik
Motu And Patlu ki Jodi – Sumit & Mohit Chauhan
Ms. Freshers Award – Prachi Gupta
Manager’s Award – Shyam Saini


Winding It Up

After the awards and excitement, we all settled down for the cake-cutting. We kid you not, the cake was SO beautiful, with our logo and all the major details of the anniversary including the number and its motto right at the centre.

The Tech9ites then proceeded to have lunch. It was scrumptious with a wide variety of eatables to choose from.

Followed by a team picture, everyone bid farewell and closed the curtain on our awaited 9th Anniversary Celebrations.


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