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How to boost your mobile app traffic?

How To Boost Your Mobile App Traffic?

Mobile apps are the present & future of online business. Researches suggest that there are over 3.2 billion smartphone users across the globe, spending 88% of their mobile usage time on different mobile apps. Having a mobile app definitely gives your business an edge in reaching out to a global audience on their preferred platform. However, the mobile app is not the end of your success story and rather just the beginning. The number of mobile apps is massive, so how to make sure that people download yours over the others. Thus, pre and post-launch marketing of mobile apps is extremely important in today’s competitive world. It helps you increase its reach & attracts potential users, eventually boosting your sales.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about some highly effective mobile marketing methods that you can adopt now.

#1 Pre-Launch Marketing Strategy

It is important to build a stage and invite the audience before the app is launched, otherwise, you’d be celebrating the big day alone in an empty hall. Your pre-launch marketing is the awareness stage wherein you must:
Have a Release Date; check with your mobile app development company the possible launch date, taking into consideration technical or app approval delays.
Understand your audience through extensive market research.
Create elaborate user personas that include what they value, where they are, challenges they face, & other details.
Conduct a competition analysis to compare pricing, features, app store ranking, monetization method, review/feedback, etc.
Create a landing page where users could know more about your launch, subscribe to the newsletter for launch notification, & connect with you.
Carry out outreach initiatives like social media/influencer marketing, publications, blogging & more.

#2 Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are a great way to reach the masses. Determine what your app is and the kind of audience it has and accordingly choose the right platform for marketing. For instance, if it’s a B2B app, then you should focus on LinkedIn & Twitter, whereas for B2C products & services, it should be Instagram or Facebook. Social media efforts should begin much before the launch so that your audience is aware of your product and as excited for its launch.

#3 App Review Websites

Pitch your app to popular websites that review technologies and/or mobile apps. This can help you create a favorable buzz for your app if they mention your app on their website.

#4 Paid Marketing

It’s obvious that your app is at the nascent stage and there are very few people who know about it. To reach out to potential customers & enhance your reach, you can try paid marketing strategies. This will include boosting posts on social media & PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisements. This can be quite complex, requiring you to analyze keywords searched most by your audience and create paid ads accordingly to meet the right audience at the right time & place.

#5 Share Solution, Not The App Features

One of the biggest mistakes every app marketer makes is loading their content with all the complex features, confusing the potential users. Not every potential client is tech-savvy. Thus, you need to simplify your content for them so that they are able to find their problem’s solution and not another overwhelming problem.

#6 Content Marketing Strategy

Strategic content marketing can be a game-changer for your app. Using different forms of content like eBooks, white paper, blog posts, case studies & more with clear CTAs and the right information can intrigue more audiences & induce downloads. You can also use catchy graphics & videos to attract more audiences and tell them about your app in an effective & user-friendly way.

You can also use influencer marketing, push notifications, event marketing & many more methods to promote your app & boost traffic. There are infinite ways to achieve your goals & we can help you explore all of them.


At Tech9logy Creators, we are a leading mobile app development and digital marketing company. We have worked on multiple technologies like iOS, Android, Hybrid & more, and have garnered appreciation from clients across the globe for developing impactful apps. This is backed by our in-house Digital Marketing team that can help you take your app further with a result-driven digital marketing strategy. We boost its reach & make your dream app a success.

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