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Top 5 CRM Of 2015

Searching for a better approach to develop and manage your start-up business? Customer relationship management (CRM) software is what you need. Yes, a CRM can make all the difference. If you’re searching for a strong CRM software result, a basic one created for any type of start-up businesses or a free version to fit your allowance, there is a CRM software selection for you.

After our research and review from a vast number of CRM software items, we have been able to outline top 5 CRM softwares which we believe are the perfect pick for particular kind of small businesses.
Here is an overview of our best picks and how we picked them.

What is a CRM?

As its name suggest, a CRM known as Client Relationship Management Tool is a technique of handling organization’s interaction during complete customer life cycle. Today, a CRM software has come up as a robust tool thats helps you automate all the processes and enables you manage sales, accounting, marketing, point-of-sale (POS) and different sorts of operational information, in one go.

What can a CRM software do for any organization?

A powerful CRM software plays an important role in managing business efficiently. One can manage his business without generating financial expenses. We all know that managing long-term relationship with customers is not an easy job, but a skilled tool helps in managing different tasks very smoothly. It accumulates, classify and records the customer information on your outlook.

A productive CRM application not only spares your time, but also gives you outstanding target links which you would never get from pen-and-paper system.

Searching for an efficient software is hard, as there are a lot of softwares available online. But if one explores the available options as per his business needs, and chooses the best CRM software, his work load will become a lot more smoother and easier than before.

Do you really need a CRM software?

CRM can make your life as a business owner much easier, while also helping your sales team get the job done in a more efficient and streamlined way. Although nearly all businesses can benefit from CRM software, it’s not for everyone.

Every CRM software is evaluated on some criteria, here are those criteria on the basis of which we have evaluated TOP 5 CRM Software

  • Cost & Convenience
  • Contact-management features
  • Lead-generation, Sales and marketing tools
  • Employee-tracking capabilities
  • Modification options
  • Automation Facility
  • Third-party integration
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Mobile access
  • Customer Service and its limitations


Salesforce is our first choice as the best CRM software, as it offers selective packages designed especially for start up business, and has all that you require in a cloud-based CRM software. It is full featured CRM for all standards of businesses ranging from small, mid-sized and large-sized. It’s economical as well as easy to utilize, and offers huge amount of features at a start-up business value point. Additionally, it comes with first class (premium) client support, to provide 24*7 assistance. It even offers a free 14-day trial.

Features offered by Salesforce

Salesforce is a feature-rich CRM which offers a tons of reasons to love it. Lets take a deep glance on some of it’s main features:

  • Easy-to-use – Salesforce offers a user-friendly interface that doesn’t need a lot of learning curve.
  • Contact management system – Salesforce provides a strong system for contact management allowing you to store beyond a regular address book would. It also keeps other essential information to provide you a 360-degree perspective of every client.
  • Lead generation – Salesforce comes with a pack of two lead generation features. Initially, it provides you with a master plan view by tracking each lead coming from different marketing channels that lets you make quick marketing choices. Hence, giving you an opportunity to transform your prospects into sales. Secondly, it catches every lead’s current activities and contact data, and automatically empowers the responsibility to the appropriate sales representatives for subsequent follow-ups.
  • Sales Forecasting – It lets you manage real time forecasting of sales. Sales representatives can swiftly develop sales forecasting consisting of every minute details from month to month and occasional quota fulfillments to groups, incomes, contract values and clients. Once it is prepared you can review and alter these forecasts to help sales representatives achieve their objectives.
  • Reports – Salesforce intends to make it simple to create and audit reports. Reporting tools including realtime graphs, charts, and all the minute details that can simply be dragged and dropped.
  • Automated Workflow – It automatically assigns tasks, make suggestions and replies to approval requests like costs, discounts, placements of order without requiring you to be present there, making process much faster.
  • Mobile access – With the full-featured Salesforce1 Mobile App you can easily access your CRM on phone, same as desktop version of Salesforce.
  • Third Party Integration – Through Salesforce AppExchange tons of popular third-party integration can be done.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM takes an alternate way to deal with CRM. The Dynamics CRM software empowers organizations to do smart marketing, sell efficiently and beneficially. It utilizes social insights, business intelligence and campaign handling to help your business establish relationships with clients, enhance marketing campaigns and, eventually, increase sales. It is accessible in the cloud, on premises or with a mix of both. You can integrate this software product with Office 365 for much more efficiency.

Features offered by Microsoft Dynamics

  • Security – The Microsoft Dynamics provides a security model that gives an enhanced information integrity and protection, furthermore supports effective data access, collaboration, and team effort.
  • Organization architecture – Microsoft Dynamics CRM server can hosts multiple organizations due to its multi-talented Structures.
  • Entity Model – The entity model support each requirements of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for every entity that consists of several top-level areas like salesforce & marketing automation, customer support & service, time scheduling present in the system.
  • Database – Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports metadata which abstracts the important details of stored data like data access and architecture from higher level platforms.
  • Workflow – The work process supports expanding the functionality of this Dynamics CRM framework by empowering the client to make and execute custom business forms.
  • Business Logic Extensions – The Dynamics CRM 4.0 provides an expansion mechanism for executing custom platform-based business logic.


Zoho CRM offers a pack of cost-effective premium features for small organizations. Moreover, it does not need a service contract. It helps you gather leads, keep your contacts sorted out and regulate events, in addition to other things, making it a standout amongst the best approaches to operate sales and develop your organization.

Features offered by Zoho CRM :

Checkout some amazing features that ZOHO has to offer:

  • Multiple-User – While other free CRM software products permit just a couple of free users, Zoho CRM is free upto 10 users.
  • 360-view – Just like the paid version of Zoho, its free version also stores and displays all the crucial data that you require to make smart business choices. It conveys a 360-degree perspective of contacts, sales cycles and pipelines to help you drive sales, deal with clients, find patterns, recognize opportunities and much more.
  • Workflow – It lets you handle and automate the workflow to make your tasks much faster and hasle free.
  • Social CRM – Zoho CRM can also act as a social media platform and integrates with social media such as Twitter and Facebook to automatically link contacts to their social media accounts.
  • Mobile CRM – Zoho can be accessed through Zoho mobile app.
  • Third-party integration – Zoho CRM can be connected with a vast number of third-party apps & services that helps you combine your CRM information with the remaining operations.
  • Analytics – It records sales and calculate your organization and workers performance.
  • Security – Zoho CRM allows you to take control over your product usage and its usage limitations.


Netsuite is a complete web-based solution for small as well as mid-sized companies. It is the industry’s first SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business software helping your enitre organization from accounting & enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to CRM, professional services automation (PSA) & eStore – in a solitary, integrated and robust business management software solution. Netsuite CRM software offers includes (SFA) salesforce automation, customer support & service, marketing automation and adaptable customization. It is the only CRM software that emphasis on full integration with the front-end as well as back-office order management, completion and financial. Thus, it accelerates the process by reducing the manual work and error risks.

Features offered by NETSUITE CRM

  • Lead Management – It tracks your partner leads and referrals inside a solitary application, empowering you to win-and hold more clients. It allows your partners to enlist and record their leads.
  • Sales Forecasting – It provides exact, sales forecasts that includes amount of sale and transaction. It access the team performance across the channel through aggregate reports.
  • Order Management and Sales Tracking – It give its partners the power to place and track requests themselves, reducing the requirement for your own particular sales and assist teams in process screening. You can create customized reports of your partner leads, orders and sales activities accordingly.
  • Case Management – It automates the business process linked with customer support case assignment, management, and growth by reducing the expense and enhance workflow.
  • Real-time CRM Dashboards – NetSuite’s dashboards convey data rapidly, successfully and progressively. Whether a businessperson, sales or advertising VP, or client administration administrator, NetSuite furnishes them with the right data at the perfect time:


SugarCRM is a fully highlighted proficient Customer Relationship Manager that totally operates through your web browser and greatly simplifies integration, installation and support. The Community Edition of SugarCRM includes unlimited use of all features, including access to online discussions forums and documentation.
In case you go for direct assistance, it is accessible for a one year membership for the Open Source version or you can move up to SugarCRM Professional or SugarCRM Enterprise. This CRM software is designed for companies of all types and sizes. Sugarcane effectively adjusts to any business environment by offering a more adaptable, economical option than exclusive applications.

SugarCRM comes in three versions SugarCRM Open Source, SugarCRM Professional and SugarCRM Enterprise Edition.

Features offered by SUGAR CRM

  • Easy Set-Up and administration – The Pre-Built dashboards of SugarCRM is customizable and provides real-time data about organization performance. The information needed to be accessed can be controlled easily.
  • Customer Relationship Management – Accounts can be created and managed with any number of contacts connected with each record.
  • Salesforce Automation – It automates tracking and creating sales leads into opportunities.
  • Track Sales Opportunities – It tracks crucial data, like sales opportunity status, income potential, expected close date for salesforcasting.
  • WorkFlow and Contract Management – It efficiently controls your business information flow. It manages Log contract begin and end dates, and make work process to create an assignment to show up before an agreement expires.
  • Create Quotas and Invoices – It makes a product list inside SugarCRM to produce quotas for your items and/or services. It changes over Opportunity records into PDF quotes and receipts that can then be messaged to the record contact.
  • Advanced Reporting – The advanced reporting track the sales effort status, that helps you organist sales tasks undertakings, and can offer understanding into your business


Altogether, we ended up with the 5 best CRM tools of 2015. This article contains our Top Pick CRM tools and every important information you need to know about them before choosing for yourself. What do you think about these CRM software tools? Are you utilizing any of them yourself ? Provided that this is true, please share your experiences in the comments below.

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