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What to choose for Cross-Platform App Development? Flutter, React Native, PWA

Opting for Cross-Platform app development becomes a tremendous commitment, specifically when you deal with multiple customers. It’s important to address its definition before indulging in different frameworks.

This type of development refers to the software or app creations that run on multiple devices such as iOS and Android. When it comes to app development, you can choose any of the available frameworks. The most preferred among these frameworks are Flutter, React Native and PWA.

One question that remains unanswered and most debated amongst developers is which one to choose. We have come up with a comprehensive guide that will help you understand the purpose, pros, and cons of different frameworks.


Flutter was developed by Google & community in May 2017. It helps you design functional & easy-to-use 2D mobile applications along with necessary supported features such as camera, location, storage, etc. Everything a developer needs; while developing mobile apps comes under one roof at Flutter. Some popular brands using Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development include Alibaba, Square, Google, eBay, etc.

Pros of using Flutter:

  1. You can use the reload attribute to quickly verify the code modifications and their outcomes. You can develop high-end Android mobile applications efficiently by trying variations.
  2. The only thing you need to do is execute coding appropriately, and rest assured, you get a quick responsive mobile app.
  3. To make things extraordinary, you can modify the variable and other user interface components.

Cons of using Flutter:

  1. You can not find any support for the application web view widgets.
  2. Working with Flutter can sometimes be challenging.
  3. Flutter is bigger when compared to React Native framework.

React Native

React Native was introduced by Facebook and ReactJS in 2015. It helps you save time in the development process through its one-time coding feature that reduces your burden and at the same time, increases your efficiency. Some popular brands using React Native include Instagram, Shopify, coinbase, Facebook etc.

Pros of using React Native:

  1. You can develop applications for both platforms simultaneously using a single code base.
  2. Applications built using React Native can work on both operating systems as these are compiled in native written codes.
  3. It improves your performance with its native resources and components.
  4. React Native enhances your speed with its existing open-source library modules.
    You can save a lot in development costs due to code reusability on React Native.

Cons of using React Native:

  1. Regular updates can hamper your work performance and cause chaos.
  2. The learning curve for a beginner to comprehend the framework is very steep.
  3. React Native lacks security parameters and needs enhancement for a better experience.


Progressive Web Apps was developed by Google in 2015. It assists you in devising a unified user experience analogous to the native platform. PWA consists of web stack in CSS, JS & HTML form. PWA is safer, linkable, progressive, and discoverable compared to other Cross-Platform App Development frameworks.

Pros of using PWA:

  1. Launching an app using PWA assures top-class quality and performance.
  2. PWA-developed apps are compatible with almost every browser and device.
  3. You can provide automatic updates of apps using the PWA platform.

Cons of using PWA:

  1. PWA applications generally lack social media interactions and similar add-ons.
  2. You can not use all the functionalities of a device.
  3. You can use the native app instead if you wish to make intensive use of the device’s hardware.

We hope the above information helped you understand the pros, cons and uses of different frameworks. Flutter, React Native, and PWA all have their pros & cons. After considering your business needs and the compatibility of the Cross-Platform App Development framework, you can make a fair choice. You can hire a mobile app development company when you encounter difficulties.

We at Tech9logy Creators, provide you with the best mobile app development services. Our expert team has competent knowledge & skills that will help you to make a fair choice about choosing the perfect framework for your app.

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