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Being a leading SEO company in Faridabad, we help businesses get better search engine rankings with our world-class SEO services. With a proven record of boosting business revenues with higher leads and more traffic, Tech9logy Creators is the leading SEO Services provider in Delhi NCR. Our professional SEO Service is based on proven methods and customized SEO strategies which have been beneficial for the clients across the globe. Our team of talented SEO professionals creates effective SEO strategies for assured higher rankings.

What is SEO and how does it work?

Search Engine Optimization can be defined as the process of increasing the amount of traffic created for a certain website by making sure that it ranks amongst the top results returned by a search engine. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others allow the user to organically search on their engines related to multiple topics. The search results show the user some results which are based on the keywords entered in the search bar. These results are ranked in an order based on which websites are using which keywords. When websites start using these keywords, it helps them to appear higher in the search result page. This is how Search Engine Optimization works.

It is an exceptionally intellectual way to pump up the popularity of your website.

1. Improves user experience– SEO Tools help in making websites more user-friendly because it focuses on providing only the information which is necessary. This results in more clicks and more traffic on your website.

2. Bring in more customers– This is what SEO strategy is all about- how to bring a number of customers. Keywords automatically help you to ace your SEO game, therefore, getting a higher number of customers.

3. Establishes Brand Awareness– A brand name or the goodwill of your brand will automatically fetch you more number of customers. SEO tools get more clicks and frequent visitors. This increase in visits on your page will register the name of your brand in the minds of users making it easier for you to build your brand’s awareness among people.

4. Leave your competitors behind– Many competitors around you are still using the traditional ways of promotion marketing. Imagine the speed your business will grow with, once you start implementing all the Digital Marketing strategies which include search engine optimization.

5. Higher Conversion rates– Due to an increased number of visitors on your website, the possibility of conversion of leads into permanent customers also increases. The probability of a visitor/lead turning into a permanent client of your business automatically rises because of the master plan of SEO you used for your page.



Here at Tech9logy Creators – Best SEO company in India, we provide you the best possible solutions for your website when it comes to SEO services. We lend out a helping hand in building a webpage for you that is well strategized in terms of digital marketing. We enable you to integrate your offline and online marketing seamlessly with effective and innovative search engine strategies. Our aim is to understand the requirements and budget of our clients and then build a master plan towards making your website a fully Search Engine Optimized one. Once we know what the client is looking for, our team of SEO experts fabricates a new master plan for your website, focusing on the two major segments we offer- On-page Optimization and Off-Page optimization. On-page optimization includes tweaking the code of your website in order to make it search engine friendly by implementing meta tags, canonical, robots.txt, schema markup, webmasters tools, keywords suggestion, analytics tools, URL mapping, loading speed optimization, website content optimization and more.

Our off-page optimization approaches towards building the link of your page by distributing and submitting it on various platforms. These submissions include directory submissions, article submissions, PDFs, foreign posting, blog commenting and so on. We have expertise in various platforms such as Magento, Drupal, HTML, WordPress, E-commerce and more.

Keyword Research
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Search Best keywords for Business
  • Identify proper keywords for Market
  • Keywords Competition
  • Commercial Intent
Competitive Research
  • Competitor Keyword Research
  • Competitor Ranking Research
  • Competitor Backlinks Research
  • Web Traffic Research
  • Backlink Gap Analysis
Website Analysis
  • Website Analysis
  • Content Analysis & Optimization
  • URL Navigation Analysis
  • Broken Links Analysis
  • Page Load Time Analysis
Technical Audit
  • Technical Analysis
  • Page Level Analysis
  • Canonical Tags
  • Proper URL Structure
  • User Friendliness
On Page Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Heading Tags Optimization
  • Sitemaps Updation
  • Robots.txt Validation
Off Page
  • Link Building
  • Local Listings
  • Google Business Profiles
  • Guest Posting
  • Classified Ads Posting

We enable you to integrate your offline and online marketing seamlessly with effective and innovative search engine strategies. Search Engine Optimization is an art and we dip into our big bag of tricks to ensure that your website has high visibility.
We design SEO packages customized to the business needs and budget of the customer. We bank on our expertise in various platforms such as Magento, Drupal, HTML, WordPress, Ecommerce and more. We help you with a vital SEO element – the creation of original, authoritative and quality content. Other factors include the quality and quantity of links, maintenance of fast website load speed and a strong keyword density ratio.

Why SEO Services is important to your business?
  • Rise above the crowd – There are more competitors present with a website than you think. It is easy to get lost and not be noticed by your potential customers. Investment in SEO translates to higher visibility which leads to more revenue and profit.
  • Enhance market exposure –  As search engine optimization technique can help your website to get high rank which helps you to communicate with the visitors and thus you will have an opportunity to convert these visitors into the customers. Our SEO services leverages with technology and strategies to advertise your products and services and easily connect to customers globally at any time.
  • Save Money –  SEO is an inexpensive process for customer acquisition and for the promotion of sales. Other techniques are more expensive and do not deliver the same quality of results. We keep our customers in the loop regarding improved rankings, increased traffic and other relevant details. We are as eager as you for high website rankings and improving your business’s profit margin.
Why Choose T9L as SEO Company?
  • High quality technology – We use proprietary and advanced SEO tools for analysis.
  • No dependencies on third parties – We carry out independent and exhaustive research.
  • Communication channel with potential customers – Easily connect to people soliciting your kind of products and services.
  • Complimentary facility – We anticipate future challenges armed with quality contingency plans for algorithm changes.

Our Clients

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" The team @ Tech9logy have been outstanding in assisting our business with Salesforce development work. I can't speak highly enough of Tech9logy for their professional service and communication. They are extremely organized, can work independently, and are able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner. "

Luke Hales
Director | Greens List Barristers

" I have been working with Tech9logy for over 2 years, developing a School Management App. They are a fantastic team and would recommend them to any person or company considering their services. "

John Ordovas
Trustee | Edugo

" We had a difficult and complicated project that required several custom modules. Team did a wonderful job! Their finished product exceeded our expectations and our users LOVE the added functionality! Would definitely recommend it. We have just opened a maintenance agreement for ongoing work with Tech9logy. Thanks again for all the hard work Team! "

Sean Hughes
CFO | Grindabit Interactive, Inc.

" We hired Tech9logy Creators to handle our online promotions and campaigns. Being professional in Digital Marketing strategy, great attention and suggestions was shared by tech9logy team for our site. I could tell that Tech9logy Team really understood our brand and brought the desired outcome for the project. Most importantly, we have seen growth to our business leads and steady increase in our traffic! Highly recommended for all online promotions. "

Aman Dalal
Deputy Manager - IT | Cosmo Films

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