GeoIP Currency Switcher Magento 2 Extension


GeoIP Currency Switcher Magento 2 extension promotes international trading by allowing customers to pay in their preferred currency as per the current GeoIP location. It enhances the user experience by eliminating the need for customers to convert product prices into their preferred currency.


GeoIP Currency Switcher Magento 2 Extension

Are your customers facing issues while accessing your store in international customers or countries due to the fixed default base currency? It’s time to enhance your store and provide your customers with an exceptional user experience. With our GeoIP Currency Switcher extension, you can effortlessly solve this problem and significantly improve your conversion rates.
Magento requires you to set up a default store currency and displays the same currency everywhere, regardless of the user’s country. This frustrates international customers, as they are required to manually convert the listed price of products into their home country’s currency and then proceed to checkout. Most visitors prefer exiting the store to manually calculating the prices of different products.
It’s time to update your store and provide customers with an immense user experience. Install the GeoIP Currency Switcher extension developed by Tech9logy Creators today. Our extension enables your customers to view the store’s product prices as per their current geoIP location. This enhances the checkout process and effectively raises conversion rates.

— Overcome the default base currency limitations set by Magento.

— Allow customers to view the product prices in the local currency as per their GeoIP location.

— Promotes International Trading.

— Enable customers to checkout using their preferred currencies.

— Reduce cart abandonments.

— Enhances customer experience.


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